July 16, 1969: The Earth photographed by the Apollo 11 crew on their first day in orbit.

Image credit: NASA

'solve the problems in front of you, give them your highest attention and effort - don't get paralyzed by worry, you're a very capable person !'


Captain America 3: What’s Everyone’s We the Pizza Order?

Captain America 3: Every CVS Has Run Out of Claritin

Captain America 3: STAND ON THE LEFT

Captain America 3: Steve Rogers Personally Completes the Silver Line

Captain America 3: Freedom and the Newseum Still Not Free

Captain America 3: Steve and Bucky Accidentally Join Crossfit

Captain America 3: Taco Day at Longworth

Captain America 3: Faced with a Lack of Options, Captain America and the Winter Solder Chase Each Other on Stolen Segways

Captain America 3: Get Rusty Back from Adams Morgan Again


Amateur model Ayumi Seto (@setoayumi) is starting her own brand, to debut in 2014.
→ Aymmy in the Batty Girls



haven’t felt so great lately so i covered my room in post-its that say nice things. sometimes they fall on the ground and stick to my feet and i peel it off and it says something sweet and idk its not making any drastic changes but now i have these little sweet moments in my day and its really nice

that is so sweet and lovely! I’d like to do something like that, but my brother would mock me, and then they wouldn’t feel good anymore.

make him notes that say ‘i’m a butt to my sister and take joy out of her negative emotions’