“…the older I get, the more I see how women are described as having gone mad, when what they’ve actually become is knowledgeable and powerful and fucking furious.”


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When attempting to dismantle the ‘angry butch lesbian’ stereotype, it’s important to note a few things:

  1. acknowledge the existence of traditionally feminine presenting lesbians (because their presence in lesbian circles is frequently erased)
  2. acknowledge the existence of…



Students in Brazil — boys and girls — came to school wearing skirts in support of a fellow trans student who was reprimanded by school officials for wearing a skirt. Photo courtesy of Twitter, where the hashtag #VouDeSaia has been used to show support of the kids from around the world.

Nine days after transgender student Maria Muniz was fined by school officials for wearing a skirt, a group of her Colégio Pedro II classmates decided to stage a protest: both male and female students would all wear skirts on the same day.

Soon after their demonstration an ecstatic Muniz learned that the school’s decision was overturned, reports the UK’s Orange News. Pedro II’s principal told Brazil’sGlobo that the school will consider relaxing their dress code.

After the protest, school officials posted a picture of their male and female students wearing wearing skirts to social media, where it became widely shared. Supporters have been writing their support to Muniz using the hashtag #VouDeSaia.

"For me, wearing a skirt was about expressing my freedom over who I am inside and not how society sees me," Muniz told Orange News.

"I am really happy about the way my classmates supported me and hope it serves as an example to others to feel encouraged to do the right thing," she added. "I was always taught at school to accept who you are. I am only trying to live that."

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